Another World

Total Recall

What do you know about Rekall?

VEEMEE have joined forces with Sony Pictures and Sony Computer Entertainment to produce the Total Recall Map Pack – available for purchase exclusively in No Man’s Land on PlayStation┬«Home.

This first update to No Man’s Land introduces a completely new Deathmatch game map, together with a variety of exclusive Total Recall outfits and weapons. Total Recall builds on the success of No Man’s Land, a multi-player third person tactical shooter featuring a cover-based movement system and intense 4v4 team battles.

Turn your dreams into real memories by using one of the Rekall chairs in the No Man’s Land Drydock space to reach the Rekall lounge. Join in battles with up to 7 other players as the line between fantasy and reality gets blurred and the fate of your world hangs in the balance. Play as Rebel, SWAT team member or Police Synth: Hunter or Hunted — the choice is yours.

Total Recall can only be accessed via the No Man’s Land Drydock space in PlayStation┬«Home. Begin the adventure of your dreams by purchasing Total Recall content in the store.

Remember to have a good time…