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Right now, there’s a seismic shift in the publishing, retail and marketing landscape – in the way brands connect with consumers and in the way consumers…well…consume. It’s frontier country in the handheld & console worlds, but just like the original Gold Rush, you’ve got to know where to dig!

There’s now a mass-market global audience of consumers actively engaging with games & apps (be they handheld or console). Yet few businesses are truly leveraging (or understand) this space to create brand enhancing experiences and new revenue streams. This has created a value opportunity for enlightened businesses who want to capitalise on connecting with this scalable audience to steal a march on the competition and the future growth of this space.

Enter VEEMEE: a business specialising in strategy, technology and content creation on games consoles and handheld devices, using our years of experience in marketing and the games sector. We work with brands (AUDI AG, Billabong, GAME, Betfair, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe), license partners (Warner Brothers, Universal Music, Bear Grylls, Monty Python, Smiley) and create our own original IP (The London Pub, The Original V-Store, Alphabetees).

We deliver digital experiences that are brand enhancing, self liquidating and revenue driving. Whether that’s a virtual store in PlayStation Home, producing branded apps for iPhone or developing new Augmented Reality technology solutions of the future.

There’s massive potential to create new revenue streams and new marketing properties in the console and handheld space. But it’s just as easy to get it wrong. VEEMEE exists to offer specialist expertise in this area and help navigate the world of platform, publisher, license, technology and app store relationships to get the best possible solutions and return on investment.

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